Sunday, July 25, 2010

the chaplain

irae scorpios new chaplain:

sadly the VMC matt vanish i used for him as last step turned out a little bit too glossy and you can't really see the shading i tried to paint on the black parts. :( And the backpack is also missing ...but i'll finish that soon. i promise.

and here are some pic's of the additional 5 meele guys i finished:

and a comparsion of the two special weapon guys i'll use:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Not dead ... but very very very lazy!

The warm weather here in germany is not good for my painting mood. BBQ, beer and motorcyling is way cooler than sitting in front of a desk. ;-)

But here's some wip shot from my desk:

This is some kind of learning by doing. I am trying around with very thin layering and stuff ... and taking more time. Not just quick and dirty. :-D

Stay tuned for some hq shots next time ... I have finished five other BP&C-Sword guys and bought some cool resin pieces.