Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Imperial Fists Killteam

I am done! Just a last black pinstripe over the base edges...

I tried to keep them very Simple. And I don't know what to write ... so just look at the pictures. :D

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bikes for Irae!?

I decided to build some bikes for Irae Scorpio. BUT I don't like Space Marine bikes ... they are ugly as hell, in my humble opinion.

So I bought some bitz, and they arrived yesterday. And here is a little preview of what my bikes will look like:

The normal SM or C:SM feet fit really well, without cutting away to much of them. But I will need some good ideas how to fit the weapons to them. We'll see ... two weeks of x-mas vacation are near and I will have plenty of time for experiments.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WIP: Imperial Fists Killteam #4

And we continue with my slow and purposeful painting progress ...

The mostly finished bases - I experimented with hair spray to rub of little of the paint from the rusted areas.

This is after airbrushing and applying a thin layer of brown wash. I don't really know yet, if I shall paint the borders of the shoulderpads black too?

The finished Bolters. It's a basecoat of VMC German Gray, followed by a black wash and highlights with 3 parts German Gray + 1 part white.

And the Heavy Bolter backpack - Here I am not quite sure either: Clean up the washed areas a little bit or leave it that way. At the moment it has this more 'used look' I think.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WIP: Imperial Fists Killteam #3

Here are two bases I made a while ago. I will use for the Killteam

They were painted black, and then I applied different tones of Vallejo pigments. Apllied a coat of matt vanish, and added pigments to it before it dried. Sealed it with matt vanish again, and added gloss vanish to the mud/oil areas. Also dappling the powder on the vanish makes a nice uneaven surface.

And three more bases I finish the next days ...

Had some troubles with my airbrush gun, but now it seems to work proper again. Hope to make some progress the next days.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

WIP: Imperial Fists Killteam #2

Now I am done with my pre-priming assembly...

In addition I started my shoulderpad badge experiment ... and I think it was a success so far.
And it was easier then I thought ...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WIP: Imperial Fists Killteam #1

Yesterday I started building the Killteam for my brother. They will be Imperial Fists.

The Killteam won't be very fluffy, and because my brother likes BIG melee arms I decided to use that huge battle axe, and two Machetes for the Teamleader. They will be count-as-lightning-claws and a little tribute to the glorious Machete movie. Although they look a bit Orky ... who cares - I don't! :-)

I thought about scultping fists on the shoulderpads instead of using those stupid stickers, but I don't know ift I am skilled enough with greenstuff for that task.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

once upon a time ...

yipeekayeah ... i am back online ...

so here are some pictures my friend took a while ago. good pictures - bad paintjob ;-)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

no post's here ... but why!?

So this is why:

I am moving to my first own flat! Yes - Irae Scorpio get their own Chapter Fortress ...
So there were many big scale painting, converting, and moddeling things to do for me in the few hours I have after work. But I hope I can get back to the hobby soon.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stupid Hardware ...

Now, that I have some new stuff to post, my grafics card broke and my computer is useless ... and I can only post via iPhone or at work. -.-

At the moment I do some colour tests for a Killzone Team which is for my brother. They will be a Imperial Fists, and currently I am lookin for an easy way to get em in a nice yellow according to this tutorial: Master of the Forge: Painting Yellow Armour.
Someone else a good idea how to paint yellow?

And this is the Team Setup:

Overall                      199P

Vanguard Veteran Sgt.
  - 2x Lightning Claw
  - Teamleader
  - Medipac
  - Fleet

Vanguar Veteran
  - Power Sword
  - Fleet

  - Heavy Bolter
  - Suspensors
  - Targeter

Tac. Marine
  - Targeter

Tac. Marine

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Meanwhile ...

... I bought an Airbrush - cool eh!?

This is my new double action shotgun -ehhhhmmm- airbrush thing. Nothing special, just a cheap set from ebay, about 130€. Singleaction + doubleaction + compressor with small tank.

Sadly, today was no camera at home, only bad cellphone pictures ...

This was my first Try, and due to bad pictures you cant see anything ... ha ha!

Just a try to speed up painting ... dark red base color followed by lighter two airbruch highlights from above. after wards a quick wash with thinned down VGC Sepiashade, and very few highlights by brush... (at least this pic is the worst one for today, I think)

This is my second try, those are the missing two neophytes I talked about someday (I think I did).
White Vallejo Prime by Airbrush, then dark brown VModelAir from bottom up as presahding. Then some VMA Hemp as basecolour, and two sandy highlights from above. It's quick - It's dirty - It's perfect for me!

Also I did a third mini that way, but he got a finish:

Basic difference to the neophytes: a thinned down VGC Sepiashade wash after painting metals and white on the horns. Blood is done with VGC Skin Wash and the mud is done with VGC pigments (awwwwwwwsme!!! stuff).

And in addition, this guy is a tribute to sons of taurus - who made me somehow, I think buy reading his blog, putting this bits together! (get out of my mind!!) AND dear sons, if you still read my little blog, and would like to own this little guy for your traitors, I think I would send him on a special mission over the big ocean. I have no duties for him.

 At the moment I am try to convert my brother into an TT40K nerd. The nerd thing is not the big problem, he already is one, but the Tabletop is more of it, especcially the hobby and money part. And he doesnt want to play big games (he says (for now)).
But lucky as I am, Galaxy in Flames came up with a Skirmish Fan Project:

It's beta, but I'll give it a try, after I have moved to my new flat in October (and have converted my brother - mwhahaharrr)

And last but not least if have joined the H.O.P. some days ago - just to mention.

*** EDIT ***
I think I'll replace that ugly pictures in the next days ... damn they are bad ... sorry.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Somehow I am in a very big hobby-summer-slump ... but today I was in the mood for some quick and dirty Necrons.

But there wont be many updates in the next time. (I think) Because I will move to my first own flat next month, and there is so much stuff to do and think about ...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

the chaplain

irae scorpios new chaplain:

sadly the VMC matt vanish i used for him as last step turned out a little bit too glossy and you can't really see the shading i tried to paint on the black parts. :( And the backpack is also missing ...but i'll finish that soon. i promise.

and here are some pic's of the additional 5 meele guys i finished:

and a comparsion of the two special weapon guys i'll use: