Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So, this is a Blog!?

While anonymously reading various W40K blogs on From the Warp for quiet a while now, I thought I could give something back to the community and start my own blog.
So this blog will be mainly about my own Space Marines Chapter Irae Scorpio, which I started recently. Also I have got some Necorns, about 1500 points. In general I am a complete W40K noob. I started the hobby in the end of last years October and haven’t played many games yet. I am not the competitive player, neither the biggest hobbyist ever, but I enjoy painting after work in the evenings and having a beer while battling a friend.
For the future I hope to write not to much nonsense, my English is not the best, post my slow but steady progress of the Irae Scorpios and maybe get some feedback. ;-)

Now for some pictures:

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