Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stupid Hardware ...

Now, that I have some new stuff to post, my grafics card broke and my computer is useless ... and I can only post via iPhone or at work. -.-

At the moment I do some colour tests for a Killzone Team which is for my brother. They will be a Imperial Fists, and currently I am lookin for an easy way to get em in a nice yellow according to this tutorial: Master of the Forge: Painting Yellow Armour.
Someone else a good idea how to paint yellow?

And this is the Team Setup:

Overall                      199P

Vanguard Veteran Sgt.
  - 2x Lightning Claw
  - Teamleader
  - Medipac
  - Fleet

Vanguar Veteran
  - Power Sword
  - Fleet

  - Heavy Bolter
  - Suspensors
  - Targeter

Tac. Marine
  - Targeter

Tac. Marine

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