Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Even Termis go to photoshootings ...

I managed to buy a new lamp for my desktop and build this simple light box for taking photos:

Credit for the light box goes to Corvus, at his blog I found the idea for this easy 'one lamp solution'.

And my first candidates to test the light box were these three guys:

Sadly I took the pictures with my iPhone, because there was no good camera available. :-( But I promise to not use it again!
For the Terminators I thought it would be cool to give them a little bit more army background, and so I painted these Crusade Badges on their shoulder-shields. Cause in their hearts they are still Black Templer ... I think. ;-) And in addition these guys were some test pieces for some Vallejo colours I bought lately. I used one layer VGC's Opaque (some kind of brown) mixed with VGC Darksand and Water (1:1:1) as base colour and was surprised that this single layer was completely covering and not blurry.


  1. Looking good! Look forward to seeing more of the Scorpi-rines.

  2. Scorpi-Rines ... nice name creation.
    Stay tuned! =)