Monday, May 17, 2010

My First Battle

On Saturday I had my first Battle with Irae Scorpio!

I planed to fight some 750 point games at a mini games day with some friends. But when I showed up some of them had droped off. Therefore we fought one big battle. Space Marines, Ork and Irae Scorpio (each 1500 points) versus Tyranids and Chaos (at 2225 points).
We went for three objectives in a five turn battle and it ended up with one caputred by the bad guys, one uncaped and one competitive. So we did lose, but the game was really funny and all in all I did only make one real mistake.
Actually it was planned that the bad guys play against three Orc players. But the the two other guys couldn't manage to come. Maybe I could have played better, with a better list prepared for something like this but I needed to lend some marines, because without them I couldn't play with 1500 points.

But now for some pictures I took with my iPhone (bad quality incomming :( )

here my Emperors Champion was fighting with some big bad bug ... really cool and he managed to survive for three rounds

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