Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WIP: Imperial Fists Killteam #1

Yesterday I started building the Killteam for my brother. They will be Imperial Fists.

The Killteam won't be very fluffy, and because my brother likes BIG melee arms I decided to use that huge battle axe, and two Machetes for the Teamleader. They will be count-as-lightning-claws and a little tribute to the glorious Machete movie. Although they look a bit Orky ... who cares - I don't! :-)

I thought about scultping fists on the shoulderpads instead of using those stupid stickers, but I don't know ift I am skilled enough with greenstuff for that task.


  1. With greenstuff, you'll never know until you try. But I do like the big axe. Where id you get the axe head from? And is that a Terminator arm for the Axe as well? If not WHERE DID YOU GET THAT as well? lol. But beside all the Questions looking really good for a kill team.

  2. And I will try ...

    My friend gave me the axe, I'll ask him where it's from. And yes it was some kind of Terminator arm. needed to chop all the shoulder parts so that they fit under normal shoulder pads.

  3. Yea that's what I did for my Storm Shield. Cool Thanks.

  4. The axe is for a Chaos Terminator, though not sure off the top of my head if it's from the squad box or the plastic termie lord.