Monday, June 21, 2010

And we add a pinch off Chaos. 2.0

Done with my first five meele Initiates. Somehow I did forget about my camouflage  pattern while painting. But then I thought that doesn't really matter if you are needed to storm the front and go into close combat. also I changed the brown on the shoulderpads to tinbits with highlight. You can only hardly see this on the pictures, but it makes a difference and it's not too far away from the original brown.
Also the meele ones got another backpack, baremetal and rusty. For a little bit more contrast.

But have a look:

Their commanding Initiate in detail:

And here a picture to see the diffrences between the painting styles.



  1. Very nice. I especially like how the sword and plasma turned out.

  2. Thanks, It gives the sword a little bit of a crystaline look. And the green somehow works very well with those kahki colours.

  3. That sword is really cool looking