Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And we add a pinch off Chaos...

Last weekend we made some 200 point games, this new mission from the mission book. I won two games and lost two games. But one of the losses, was very stupid of me, decided to deep strike my assault guys but forgot that everyone of them is in this special mission his own unit and therefore rolls his own dice for strinking ... narf.

In the end we had a lot of fun!

And my mate gave me some casting frames with bolt pistol and chainsword arms. They are from Chaos Marines, but I like them. I think their chainswords look way cooler than normal ones. Also I took one Chaos shoulderpad for my new Guys... heres what they look like:

And I finished my three built neophytes ... very easy and simple painting, but I like how they show up:

And this is what my friend gave me as birthday present. Didn't now this mini, damn is he cool. Hopefully I can give him the paintjob he deserves...



  1. Yeah, I think the double-edged nature of the chaos chainswords makes them look more dangerous...possibly to the user as well! With all the SM/CSM kits available, mixing and matching is very fun and rewarding.

  2. More dangerous, that's it.

    I think I will get some more CSM for some Sword Breathern, too. I have some cool ideas for them.